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Zealous Apathy

This next section is about he band Zealous Apathy. One of my good friends is in it. His name is Jason.


Zealous Apathy is: Joey Lombardi, Robert Vitale, Marco Monaco, Mike Baggio, Jason Cohen.

Jason's last words: Remember kids, you're not crazy everyone else is, so it's ok to listen to the voices in your head, in fact ONLY listen to the voices in your head, and yes it's ok to kill preps and jocks and wiggers, because they're not people, they're just wrong.

Robert Vitale's last words: Last words:I had MULTIPE ORGASMS while watching the SPIDERMAN movie and BIG RED's singing sucks! heheheHA!

Joey Lombardi's last words: sXe 4 life suckas.

Marco monoco's last words: "Steve, where did you get the plutonium?" "Radio Shack!"

and last but not least Mike Baggio's last words: and guess says nothing..blank..and zip!