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Ryan means a lot to me, even though I don't show it that often. Ryan needs someone there to care and look out for him. I just wish we weren't so far away. It really makes me sad sometimes..
(^.@.^) ~The Jiggily Puff and the Piggy are friends!~(^..^)



This is rob, he is someone that I rp with. He is a great guy, yes maybe a little miss understood, but yet he is still a complete sweetheart.


This is will he is, well lets just say, he can't seem to keep his pants on! Hehehe, im only kidding, will is a good guy!


Chris is a very good friend of mine, I really feel that me and Chris are very close, even though we are far away. Chris lives in Seattle and I live in Spokane. I miss Chris a lot and I wish he were here right now. Chris and I have dated once, and yes to be honest I think Chris is very attractive and also very sweet for a guy. Chris you are very caring and very out there. you know who your real friends are, and you take risks and chances. You only live once is my motto and you follow that. Maybe that is why I like you so much, you certanily arent boring!


John is crazy, sweet, you name it, he probally is it, John is someone I didn't really get to know very well, until he started to date my best friend Jen. Lets just say *cute couple* heh, anyways here is what John said about himself
Trina :what do you like about yourself?
Trina :and what do you hate about yourself?
John :I like being a Vampire 
John :And I hate my curly hair :P
He also thinks Jen is very wonderful, and he is lucky to have her
(awww! (^.@.^)



Jen is a really good person to be around, I have known her for 7 years. She is a very special person to me and has been there through thick and thin. (birth of my child, who passed on, etc.) Jen is someone who I may take for granted, but if anything should so happen to where we were not friends anymore, I would miss her beyond all reason.
I was really happy she was over when I had gracie, it meant alot to me
I hope that Jen doesn't get hurt in life like I have in my past, I would kill anyone who hurt her like I have been.
Jen is dating John at this moment and nothing could be going wrong for her!
~*~I love you like a siter girl!~*~


Jon is funny, crazy, caring, and just a great guy to be around. I don't really know where he has been in the past month though and it bothers me. Maybe because school has started, he had no time for the could have HAPPENED...*sighs*


Kitty is crazy, fun and sometimes a little more fun to be around, even on those days where everything is going wrong. Kitty has her mood though, so watch out or she'll scratch ya, nah im kidding, Kitty is great!! I am glad to know her and glad to be one of her friends! Mew!

If you are not pictured here, I did not recieve a picture from you, and if you are, you are the lucky ones who were posted. (cause they sent a picture) This area is under construction and will be updated as soon as I recieve the pictures. I also have some pictures which will be added as soon as I get the chance!!