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Trina's Sadistic life, wrapped in a box of Chocolates

This is my favorite links site!
The WWE, Smackdown,NXT,and Tna zone...
Trina's upcoming events
MY Poetry
The ultimate me
more pictures of me..reciently.
My crazy pictures!!
Red Siren
About me!!!
What I do for fun
Contact me...
This is my favorite links site!
yet again, I know to many people!
Friends...Friends...and more friends...
Yet another page of friends!
Icp jugalette Page.
still I have more friends!!
Funny Billboardz
my quizzes I took!
future Roleplay characters
Zealous Apathy



Here are a few sites I go to and look at everyday considering the fact that I spend most of my time on this computer and love it. Maybe thats why I hate going out in that sun..oh well anyways....I hope you enjoy these sites along with mine.
This is my friend Angelo's site....

Here is my other site at girlpages....even though it never works!...

This is a roleplay chat I visit rarely, but yet it still has high standards to be posted on my site..

This is my friend Jen's website. A Dragon Ball fanatic! So enjoy and become one as well!!! 


This is the site to the quizes I took a while back, go take some of your own and HAVE fun!

The last link that was placed on here in my VampireFreaks profile. It tells you even more about me then this site does already. I hope you enjoy!

My RedSiren Profile