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Here are some of my poems, which mean a lot to me.
One major thing that ticks me off it when people change or alter orginal pieces of work, and also try to claim the work as their own. I hate that...I took much effort and thought into my poems and so, it would hurt if I knew that someone changed my name, and told a lie about how they belong to them. Please don't be one of those people...


UN trusted reality
By: Trina M. Stout

Broken dreams turn my fate into reality.
Lost desires leave me to the ones who are my enemies.
Who are you to say my dreams can come true.
Who am I to say they are lost to the broken eyes of tomorrow?
My sorrow left me, you see, in a black pit of despair.
That darkness deciding my fate, and leaving me cold and alone.
For I am alone, lost in that world that you so hate.
You, the knight in shining armor, still see me as a princess on a forbidden world that god, descends upon, making us think that, maybe one-day he will save us from ourselves.
But in all reality, he has you, held by his power.
Held by his strength, his willingness to proceed onto bigger things.
Yet he leaves you and you wonder if he is really there.
Watching down upon the people, as many die,
And wish for a way to shelter them from the pain that they subside.
You, being a brave warrior,
Fight a battle that you cannot win.
Yet, you still fight trying to push away the demons that grip your soul into tomorrow.
You wonder, will it go away,
These thoughts, these feelings.
Yes in due time my child, they will go away,
And you are wondering, when, when,if not tomorrow, or today, when?
You stare at yourself in the mirror wondering,
Then again, you are your own person, a brave soul who has somewhere to come home to.
You are trying, to be who, everyone you see, wants you to be.
You fight and don't listen, pushing fleeting thoughts out into the flames.
But remember you are who you say you are,
And you are who, you want yourself to be.
Don't forget that one-day,
You will over come all fears and all points of reality,
But until then, you are you and I am me.


You loved me.
By Trina m. Stout
Dedicated to: Anyone who loves me, or has loved me.

You loved me when I cried.
You loved me when the moonlight hit the sky.
You loved me, when I needed you.
You loved me through and through.

I got scared, and
yet you still loved me.
I got noticed
and then got taken,
but yet
Your feelings still
weren't mistaken.
You loved me,
the little girl that you see.
The one you want me to be,
that girl you loved was me.
Yet still through it loved me..for me.


Died Yesterday
By: Trina M Stout

You didn't care that I cried,
you could care less if I died
I died yesterday and you laughed
I died yesterday and you turned away
I am now six feet under.
The cold soil touching the coffin less fate
that I set up thee.
I died yesterday and you laughed.
I died yesterday and you turned away.
Now, I am held,
Bestowing death, my new best friend...
like you were so long ago....I died.....Yesterday.


Fading Demons
By: Trina

Wandering eyes left to the mistaken,
your heart you have is broken and UN trusted.
Chained inside and locked away.
You cry for a brighter day.
You have fallen and now are picked up.
By your friends,
so see
they care
your not alone.
You try to push them away,
trying to get better on your own
for the next passing day.
The next time you see your self in the mirror,
those black demons have faded
your loved and not corrupted,
those people that care
always be there.


Painted walls.
By: Trina

The walls painted a thin line of red,
Descending death like a shadow into my bed.
You don't realize the things that I See,
How could you possibly try to be me?

Death is drawing near my dear dear child.
Like a rhyme that's really mild.
The likeness of your face is written in the paint.
Telling you which is your fate.

Don't waste your time with this little rhyme,
It's only taking up your time.
Your insides soiled your heart a mess,
Can't you see that you're depressed?

Time goes on and so does the pain,
Can't really believe that your still sane.
Don't you see that they want your soul
Creeping in the shadows like a little troll

You end it now, you call its quits.
And until this day the pain just sits.
It lurks in wait as time goes by
Waiting till you start to cry.

So end it now, say your good byes,
The time is now, no more lies..


Darkness dance
By: Trina M. Stout

You scream the air around you wonders.
You cry the darkness now flounders.
You talk and the world seems to listen.
You dance and the world seems to watch as you faultily twist and turn.
The madness you face, is in your mind,
Your soul a constant reminder of all you've endured.
Your heart can't be seen,
The reason to all the hurt and the pain will never go away.
You want to be loved, but you're alone.
Is there a chance that you can win again?
You want to scream out for the help,
Being alone in the darkness without a care and a doubt.
You don't see your life getting better,
It only gets dimmer and now you are alone,
Screaming your name for which you are known.
Your crush, the one you see in your heart,
Doesn't like you for the hurtful start,
you are screaming.
The chains bounding you to the floor,
not letting you dance anymore.


Lost Love
By: Trina
I scream and wonder as the light fades.
I dance to the darkness of this eternal race.
I have endured such a passion called love,
Then it was broken, and I felt unloved.
You dont see how this could hurt me.
But then again you lied and I was left tossed aside.
You are, yet, to be seen as a devil,
Your intentions seemed to be good,
But yet I was mistaken,
Get away from me and
Leave me to the people, who care,
So I will get over you and
Try to not cry out with despair.


Not Tomorrow or Today.
By Trina M. Stout

Trying to piss of people in turn,
You ignore them.
Pushing their requests
into the darkness of tomorrow.
You see, you hate people.
Only a select few
are the ones who really listen.

You bound yourself
by the people who you listen to.
They are,
you see the ones
who you decide to trust.
Having no power
to over come your thoughts

You left the popular world
and left to a side of the loners.
You being held by your
secrets and your lies.
Make you seem mysterious,
but that is your intention.

You secretly hide
your love for another,
Because you know, it will never work out.
Seeing them everyday and
talking to them kills you,

Yet you know.
Not tomorrow or today.
You try, to be who they want you to be,
Their clothes consuming your mind
Your willingness to be yourself.
Lying to your self
is the biggest mistake,
Will you bounce back?
or go along?
With them this turn of fate.


Corrupted demon
By: Trina

Darkness wounded your heart
like the flames that bound your soul
Your soul a lost pit,
of helplessness that you come to endure over time.
For your heart, you are alone,
your soul cold and alone.
Everyone around you watches your heart cry out
for a little response.
Dying eyes watch
and corruption and the evil forces
kill your kindred spirit.
You are in turn,
a demon,
turned from a
helpless little child
to a wondering adult.
Your morals,
gone and your lies you tell keep you in check.
Do you understand why,
you see these things the way you do,
or are you trying to undo,
what you have learned?
Who are you?
What have you become?
A demon, a monster?
You cry out as you change slowly,
into something from a fairy tale.

You are a demon, and yet again, they call you a monster.
my newest....

Its name is my name, because I really thought she was me.
And its death date doesnt exist yet, because I cant be nothing without dying.

How many mirrors did I destroy?
How many names and personas did I throw away?
I turn and leave because my work is done
And another bed is added to so many more


dreams turn into reality as tears fall down my face. I feel your every whisper caress and kiss acrossed my face. you are the one I cherish the one I want, its are the one respectful and as I to you. To lie inside and hide the truth will kill my soul kiss your lips and say goodbye will take my life away. you are the one I want to touch and be with till the end, your the man in my dreams, who rescues me, from the deeming dark ahead. the light in you will shine so bright it tares away my pain, and inside of me the one you see will be there in the end..your love it burns to brightly for why i'll never lucky to have you and for your face to glow.
you never really notice it until you steal the show, you act like you are all manly..but from what I know thats true...your the one who loves me best, as I do, and will always to you.