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Friends...Friends...and more friends...
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These are my really good friends.....



Here is Maria. Better known as Cinn.

Maria is a really cool person to get to know. She likes to edit and do things her way. She also cares alot about a person, and thats why she can get upset so easily. Everyone needs a Maria in their lives and im happy I have one. Maria is an awesome person and im happy to have her as a friend.


This is Angelo...better known as hunk, Jello,Ang ,ok you get the point!

Ang is a really cool guy, he is also the Brother to Maria. Angelo makes me laugh. Yeah I know I said not that many people can get me to laugh! Well Angelo is one that can get me to laugh. Anyways he is a sweetheart and has alot going for him in life and I am glad I got to know this crazy hunk of a model..*smirks*


This is my RP buddy Wesley...or Wes...whatever you prefer!

Wesley is a really nice person to roleplay with. He is a really sweet guy and I enjoy talking to him. About a year ago he was into the whole Jeff Hardy theme. Dyeing his hair...wearing the clothes...talking and acting like them. He really like Jeff. But now he has his own style and is crazier then Jeff and its awesome!!


This is Drew and chuck....

Drew is...well what can i say? Drew is DREW! the fashion designer..who sells his pants for two hundred dollers..and then comes out with a new design..Drew I am sorry for some of the things I have said...I hope you forgive me. Friends are friends..and drew is one of mine...I really like tlaking with Drew..the Raver from Georgia...hehe..


Jason and Joey...
Jason is the one in the red and is a really good friend of mine. He is really crazy and that is what I love about him! He is in a band called Zealous Apathy. He plays guitar.Jason would rather go fling himself down a hill in a shopping cart then go shopping in the mall as to say! Maybe thats why I like him so much!!! To everyone...his nickname is NosaJ...which is Jason spelt backwards!!


Hot, Sexy, Loverboy

This is cale, or loverboy...or even Mishra..nah im kidding, this is plain old fun loving..Cale...I have a good relationship with him, as in I can never STAY mad at him, and he knows when im depressed, and knows how to get me to smile. Cale is a sweetheart,and diserves someone who will love him forever and bad im to far away cause I already love him.