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Im a city girl don't get me wrong but I love to do out door activities and go to the country. I love riding horses, camping, hiking, and swiming at the lake. I really like going to the camping grounds and finding an awesome trail to hike and explore. Hiking is really fun. I also like to stare at the stars and sit and listen to the calm and quiet aura about me. The city is a loud place and it gets dull and boring after a while.

I love to swim. I do laps at the gym pool sometimes and it is a good workout! I seriously have alot of fun when I do swim. I love to workout on the running track at the gym as well. I don't do sports cause I seriously don't have the hand eye cordnation to do them. So I do art, or chior. Something hands on and yet not going to bruise me or have me pass out cause the sun is to hot. *laughs* I am a hands on person,I like to do things hands on insted of in workbooks or packets. Maybe that is why I can't sit down and study math out of a book like the rest of you people can! Hmm...

I really enjoy working with art now. Art is a big passion in my life. COurse my life has taken a good turn, I got a job. Mcdonalds, but still money comes in and im happy. As for other things. School is good and friends are great now. Skills center has picked up my intrest in Vet Tech. Working with animals will be a lot of fun. Yes, much much fun!! As for all the things that have changed...Darren and I are broken up now, um...he is a lier and I hate him. I am not sure who to date....I think I shall stay single...and just jingle around with my new friend Chris at Central Valley, cause HEY, we are both single and can both jingle away..WOOOOOOOOHOOOO!!!