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Unforgettable Temptations In Secondlife

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A bit into the mind of Jalore. Our newest Chocolate Sponser



1. What was the inspiration for your shop name? my shop name came from a shop i use to frequent called jalore Fantasy Fabrics i love the fantasy for fabric

2. Speaking of inspiration, where do you draw yours from? mine comes from with in i love graphics and making things i am a quilter and a dress maker in rl.

3. What first drew you to creating, and was it something you came to naturally? Any training in it? not really any training at all just asked alot of questions and then started

4. Over time, your style has evolved and grown. How would you characterize where you're at, from a design perspective today? well i am still a beginner and learning as i go hopefully one day i will be one of the best... smiles

5. What are some of your favorite pieces that you've created and why? I would have to say the two mini outfits that i made with sculls and roses, i love the guns and roses affect

6. Tell me about your hunt prize. With as little or as much detail as you want to give, how did you come to chose the design you went with?i have been thinking of easter and what i can make that the ladies would enjoy... so i cam up with a sculpted hat that has ribbons and bows on it for the ladies and im in the process of making an easter top hat for the guys

7. If you had to pick one item that showcases your talents best, and really tells the world who you are, what would it be and why? i would have to pick the Hearts & pearls gown because its beautiful and just the right textures together, its flowy and just its hard to explain

8. If this isn't your first hunt, what drew you to them to begin with? What do you enjoy about them?this is really my first hunt.. i have done the hunting now i would like to have others hunt in my shop