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This is the New application for any future chocolate Series Hunts: I will no longer be accepting notecards. thank you for your understanding.

Unforgettable Temptations has been a vendor in many hunts. But now wants to host this hunt for everyone. So if you think you have what it takes to make an awesome item, fill out the application and send it back to Trina Stromfield. Asap. We are accepting 30 stores,(which are creators with stores or building supplies,only, No resell items, only your creations please.) Only,30 stores.. so hurry and fill this out.


Application For Chocolate Series Hunts:
Name of Store:
Type Of Store:
Landmark To Store:
Can you Create a uni-sex item?
What do you plan on offering as a prize:
Is the prize a new item, or a current item:
Are you a chocolate Sponser:
Have you done a Chocolate Hunt before?:
Blog/Marketplace Link:

Full Perm logos need to be sent in world to Trina Stromfield