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Unforgettable Temptations In Secondlife

Delicate Flower's Chocolate Sponser Spotlight
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Delicate Flower's Chocolate Sponser Spotlight
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Delicate Flower: Wildflower, such a true delight!

1. What was the inspiration for your shop name?

My SL names combined. My user name is awylder1 Resident but my screen name is Delicate Flower. When I was pondering over the name of the shop, a friend suggested Wyldflower and I just fell in love with it.

2. Speaking of inspiration, where do you draw yours from?

I've always loved vintage clothing, t-shirts specifically. They're an active form of expression and a way to recapture the fun of the past. I mostly see things I would like to wear or would like to see on someone else, and recreate them in SL.

3. What first drew you to creating, and was it something you came to naturally? Any training in it?

I was tired of seeing the same types of clothes over and over in SL. I thought - how hard could it be? I was wrong about that, designing actually pretty challenging, but something I've found to be really fun and rewarding.

4. Over time, your style has evolved and grown. How would you characterize where you're at, from a design perspective today?

I am still pretty new to designing in second life. My store hasn't yet been open a month, but every day I am learning more and recreating the originals. I think my next evolution will be into creating tattoo's and makeup.

5. What are some of your favorite pieces that you've created and why?

My T-shirts are my favorite because they just take me back to my youth. I love those ringer tee's with funny logos or comments on them.

6. Tell me about your hunt prize. With as little or as much detail as you want to give, how did you come to chose the design you went with?

They are men's and women's ringer tee's with chocolate bunnies on them and a funny quip. I saw the t-shirt on someone last year at Easter, and it stayed with me so I recreated it in SL for this hunt.

7. If you had to pick one item that showcases your talents best, and really tells the world who you are, what would it be and why?

My favorite item I've made is my Curious George tee. I like the stylization of the textures in the shirt mixed with the color palette, but also - I love Curious George as a kid. That crazy monkey always made me smile and I loved when my Grandfather would read me the books before bed. Its a cartoon that is close to my heart and something that brings back the warm-fuzzies when I look at it or wear it.

8. If this isn't your first hunt, what drew you to them to begin with? What do you enjoy about them?

I have been a hunter for quite some time. When I opened my shop, it was natural for me to give back to the hunting community which I have enjoyed for so long.