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Unforgettable Temptations In Secondlife

Chocolate Hunt Sponsers

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Chocolate Hunt Sponsers
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Here are the Sponsers for the Chocolate Hunt Series.


You never know what the rain will wash  in!
I love to build, and so the store evolved.  Mostly I sell sculpts.....but lots of other items float on in!
Custom work always available!  Just ask!  I love it!


FLOOD is excited to present to you, ASIAN FLAIR!
A brand new store, with exclusive sculpts with an Asian flavour!
Almost always a MM board to slap!  Come check it out!


Enough of "clown shoes" for your child AV...
Ours are really little shoes for little feet, as any child deserves.
Find a variety of footwear and accessories for little girl.


Wyldflower is SL's hottest new clothing store offering vintage fashions to both women and men.  Specializing in vintage and custom t-shirts, and utilizing unique design techniques, the Wyldflower brand is taking SL by storm.


At Jalore's we are mainly a clothing shop.. just starting out but have some items done and working on more i am also doing mens items as well and adding jewelry and shoes as i go along.


Quality, Beauty and Affordable Price.
*Footwear* – Quality shoes don’t have to be expensive!...
*Furniture and Decoration* – a world of comfort and good taste! *Houseboats*


I am offering clothing designed for men, women, and children. My prices are kept reasonable so those getting started can afford quality clothes.  I have a Midnight Mania board as well as a mini-mania board and am a member of 40 for D' Week where one can find great deals for quality merchandise.


Bring out the inner DIVA that lives inside of all of us!
Sexy, stylish, sophisticated, fun and flirty womens clothing, shoes and accessories.